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What is it


Our project is to bring contemporary jewellery the stage of contemporary art

Gioiellodentro is a dynamic and active Association, our goal is to deliver a message with an advanced and innovative content to the jewellery sector, now more than ever needs to be told through the expertise and knowledge to those who dedicate their profession to jewellery and matters related to it. Bringing the world every day, the value and significance of this art, to become a meeting point between different cultures, where you can create and test new ideas and cutting-edge project.


Our interest is in

All those who wish to deepen and develop the knowledge of this field.
  • Designers - Craftsmen - Artists
  • Gallery owners - Curators - Collectors
  • Magazines - Critics - Journalists
  • Schools - Teachers - Students
  • Trade fairs - Suppliers - Company
  • Foundations - Cultural Institutions


About Us

The contemporary association GIOIELLODENTRO is a voluntary cultural association, founded in 2009 by designer Francesca Canapa , to give the opportunity to all those who love the art and wants to be able to get in touch with the world of jewellery, be updated on exhibitions, events, competitions and to participate in joint projects.


Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors is composed of members of Gioiellodentro, the members here are also members of the board of the Executive Committee that realizes the activities of Gioiellodentro. Currently the Board consists of:
  • Francesca Canapa
    Responsible for organization and projects



We are inspired by the broader ethical responsibility towards the individual, society and the environment, aimed at knowledge of techniques and materials in use. We aim to boost research and sustainable innovation, new aesthetic, progress in social and technological area's, both nationally and internationally.


Operates in sectors:

  • promotion of culture and art
  • education, research, protection and enhancement of the things of artistic and historical interest
  • creative re-use of recycled materials and sustainable consumption



  • Promote the culture of contemporary jewellery in art
  • Promote the culture of the arts in general.
  • Promotion of the individual and collective creativity and transmits the love for art in its many forms aesthetic, cultural and spiritual facets.
  • Circulate publications aimed at disseminating and publicising contemporary jewellery, the works and artistic products.
  • Provide opportunities for deepening creativity with workshops and exhibitions.
  • Promote the creative use of recycled materials.


Developing business in Italy and abroad through

  • Contacts with public and private institutions
  • Symposiums, conferences.
  • Cultural exchanges and entwining with associations of a similar nature
  • Training through short and long courses and workshops at institutions public and private.
  • Exhibitions, fairs and cultural events in institutions both public and private.


Are you interested to work with us?

Submit a draft: The qualitative criteria that the association takes into account for the evaluation of the projects are:
  • Assessment of the timing of implementation
  • Evaluation of the economic viability
  • Evaluation of the event site
  • Assessment of the curators of the event
  • Evaluation of a Scientific Commission for activities: workshops, conferences, publications
  • Evaluation of a qualified jury for exhibitions or shows
Send your inquiry to info@gioiellodentro.it enclosing the material necessary to assess the feasibility of the event


Patronage Gioiellodentro

For "Legal gioiellodentro" means the authorization to use the Official Logo GIOIELLODENTRO by any person either internal or external to the association that requests it. To apply for sponsorship, send an e-mail to info@gioiellodentro.it with all data related to the event in order to allow a proper evaluation. The granting of legal aid applies only to the approved event

We believe that teamwork is essential in order to raise awareness of our projects.
If you believe in our project and want to enjoy the benefits that the association offers submitting yout registration.


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